Blundell’s Community Rugby Trophy Tournament and Family Day Sunday 19th September 2021
19 September 2021
Blundell's Community Rugby Day 2021

The 2021 Blundell's Community Touch Rugby Tournament took place outside the Beale Centre on Sunday, September 19. Two pools of eight teams battled it out on a glorious day to win the coveted trophy. Three teams from the Blundell's Braves touch rugby club took part, with Braves 2 winning the overall trophy. The Westlake House OBs (1989-1996), captained by Ed Palmer, won the Plate Trophy. Lots of funds were raised for the Friends of Blundell's Prep and the Little Hero Charity. A huge thanks to local sponsors; Stags, BlueBox Developments, Dunedin Dental Clinic, St Austell Brewery and The Great British Sports Show.


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