Blundell’s Overseas Ambassadors

Bearing in mind a shrinking world and the increasing number of OBs spending work and travel time outside the UK, the OB Committee decided to ask OBs living abroad whether they would be prepared to act as Ambassadors for the Club. The idea is to provide support and advice for OBs travelling or relocating in as many countries as possible.
Please visit the Ambassadors section of our website to see a list of OBs who have agreed to act as Ambassadors. There is no specific brief for this service. We anticipate requests to range from advice about the cheapest student hostel, GAP years for recent leavers to helping OBs relocating aboard.
If you live aboard and would like to become an Overseas Ambassador, please contact the Development Office.


Development Office
01884 232324
Old Blundellian Club
01884 232010
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