Using the Blundell’s Career Mentoring Programme

The Development Office is able to connect people in an informal sense to answer questions and provide information about careers and professions. We have a dedicated career mentoring programme for current pupils, for young alumni who are at university, or have just left, or for those who are embarking on a new career path or change of profession. The mentoring could be by email, phone or face to face.
Visit our Career Mentoring Directory to find out more.
Become a Career Mentor

We encourage Blundellians (OBs, Past and Current Parents, Governors and Supporters) from all stages of life to participate and become involved in this programme. If you would like to offer your services as a Blundell’s Mentor please download and return the application form along with a photo for your entry to the Development Office. Please note you can also become a member of our programme without displaying your details on this directory.


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